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Business Class - 9/26/2003

Business Class

Programm is for persons applying to come to Canada as business immigrants in one of three classes:

- investors
- entrepreneurs
- self-employed persons

Business immigrants have the funds, skills and experience necessary to do business in Canada.

Investors must have business experience; have a substantial minimum net worth; and be able to invest substantial sums of money in Canada.

Entrepreneurs must have business experience and a minimum net worth.

Self-employed persons must have the experience, intention and ability to:

establish a business that will, at a minimum, create an employment opportunity for themselves and that will make a significant contribution to cultural activities or athletics in Canada; or purchase and manage a farm.

Quebec has its own business immigration program. Business applicants in all three classes intending to settle in the province of Quebec should contact the nearest Quebec immigration office abroad.

Many provinces provide valuable information and services to assist business immigrants in setting up and successfully operating businesses in Canada. You may wish to visit the provincial or territorial Web sites for more information.

You must submit this application to the Canadian Visa Office responsible for:

the country in which you are residing, provided you have been lawfully admitted to that country for at least one year; or
your country of nationality.



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