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Credits - 10/9/2003


It is with great pleasure that I introduce and welcome you to this website, which is dedicated to those who are interested in legal immigration to Canada.

It has been more than two years since the launch of our website. During this time, we have answered over nine hundred e-mails. We estimated that we could not answer about five per cent of the e-mails due to improper addresses and viruses.

Most of you submitted questions of a detailed nature, requesting information regarding Canada, advice about how to immigrate and what life is like for the average Canadian.

Frequent changes in Canadian Immigration Legislation result in a large demand for reliable and up-to-date information. Those who reside in Canada and who have their immigration cases pending as well as those who are in Canada without valid status and living in Canada illegally complain that they do not have access to updated information regarding immigration regulations.

Because our site is very popular among people who are already residing in Canada and would like to legalize their immigration status as well as among those who reside in the United States, and due to streamline of immigration regulations in this Country are seriously considering immigrating to Canada – we are launching a special Section, Important information for people who are residing in USA, where we will try to provide pertinent information to those who are interested in immigrating to Canada and presently live in the US.

We also encourage our readers from Poland to access our database and Frequently Asked Questions before writing to us.

Immigration from a legal point of view is a long, difficult, and expensive process.

Practically speaking, immigration is to relocate from one country to another and that usually results in many consequences and irreversible changes in life. It is impossible to process an immigration application over a few weeks by merely completing some questionnaires.

Since the first day of launching N&N Consulting Services online site, our goal has been to provide information and services closely related to the professional legal consulting in the field of Immigration law.

N&N Consulting's website is designated mainly for Polish visitors who would like to immigrate or legalize their stay in Canada. To appeal to the English-speaking visitors most information is also provided in English. The selection of the material was based on actual Canadian Immigration Legislation obtained directly from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. The material is also organized in a manner that I hope is concise and provides the necessary information.

It is my sincere hope that everyone who uses this site finds it useful. It is open to prospective immigrants, persons already residing in Canada, and those whose Immigration Applications are processing and do not know their destiny, and finally those who would like to immigrate to Canada and do not know where to begin the legal journey.

I would like this site to be full of the most current information and corresponding with the rapidly changing reality of life.

I would again like to invite you to browse the pages of N&N Consulting Services and to use the information obtained here throughout your legal immigration quest.

On behalf of N&N Consulting Services I would like to thank:

- My wife Beata for the graphical design of the N&N Consulting logo, as well as for her valuable comments regarding the architecture of the site.

- My mother Ilona Niznik for editing and correcting the Polish material.

- Mrs. Izabela Embalo for allowing me to use her articles, corrections and editing of Polish text and her help with choosing the material presented at this site.

- Mr. Florin Petre for his help with the production of N&N Consulting Logo

- Miss Mar Fenech for her help with the editing of English material.

- And, all my clients for comments regarding functionality and content of the site.

I would like to also thank Mr. Peter Jasniewski of Comandix Technologies Inc. for architecture development and production of this site, as well as for his comments and enduring patience throughout the process. Without Mr. Peter Jasniewski this site would never be lunched.

Pawel Niżnik


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